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The Business Side Of Basements: 5 Simple Steps To Creating The Ultimate Home Office

Whether you work full time at home or you simply enjoy alone time to write and read, you deserve to have a space of your own that's relaxing and free of household distractions. Creating a home office in the basement is a great way to gain the privacy you need without having to make space in one of the existing rooms of your home.

So gather all the boxes from your basement and get rid of what you no longer really need, and then transfer the rest to your attic or outdoor storage shed. The following five steps will help you create the ultimate home office in your basement:

Step 1: Waterproof for Weather

One of the most important things you can do to set your home office up for success is hire a professional to waterproof the basement. This ensures that you'll have a dry place to enjoy no matter the season, and it can increase your home's value too. You'll find that a waterproofed basement more easily maintains comfortable temperatures and reduces your energy costs throughout the year. And because basement waterproofing minimizes moisture buildup, you can count on protection from mold and mildew as well as their side effects.

Step 2: Instantly Insulate

To further protect the interior of your basement and achieve optimal temperature control, it's a good idea to insulate all of the windows and doors in the space. Use caulking or spray foam insulation around the frames of the doors and windows for a virtually instant solution to your air draft woes.

If the basement has a door that leads to the outside, consider installing weatherstripping along the bottom of the door for extra protection. This will ensure that water or snow doesn't seep into the space in harsh weather conditions.

Step 3: Passionately Paint

Painting your new home office is a great way to make it unique and set the stage for a productive experience when you're spending time there. You can paint the concrete floor to give it an updated look, which saves you money and time because you won't have to install special flooring. When it comes to painting the walls, choose your colors wisely because they can affect your emotions. Consider these options:

  • Raise energy levels and create excitement with the help of red.
  • Use hues of blue to keep your blood pressure low and encourage a relaxed mood.
  • Invoke happiness and a carefree attitude into the space with shades of yellow.
  • Implement a sense of luxury and  drama with purple.

You don't have to paint an entire wall with vibrant colors in order to achieve the effect you're looking for – try trimming the walls, flooring, and window frames with your favorite shades to enhance the space.

Step 4: Furnish with Fervor

Furnishing your new home office is an important part of turning it into a space that you can utilize every square inch of. When furnishing your home office it is important to consider your design's function, comfort, and organization. Implement these ideas if possible:

  • Install floating shelves along the walls and fill them with baskets and file shelves to store your personal and business items.
  • Implement end tables near your seating with hallow centers and flip lids to store throw blankets, seasonal room décor, and records.
  • Hang a lighting fixture from the ceiling so a lamp won't take up table or desktop space.

Hanging a couple of hooks behind the door that leads from the basement to the main section of your home is a great way to provide storage for jackets, or even comfy robes that you enjoy working in when it's chilly.

Step 5: Pump up the Privacy

Privacy will undoubtedly be important whether you need some alone time or you're attempting to make an important deadline for work. Simply asking family members not to enter your home office when the door is closed may work for awhile, but there's a good chance that the kids in your home will forget about that rule before long.

To ensure that you can get privacy when you need it, consider installing a simple lock on the door and making a sign by painting a piece of cardboard that you can put on the door to remind family members that you're not available. If you spend a lot of hours in your home office during the day, schedule a few breaks throughout so you can take down the sign and invite family in to visit. This will provide everyone with a happy balance between work and family life at home.

You'll find that having your own personal space to work and play helps balance your stress levels and improve your mood, even when things get a little tense at work or home.