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Help Is on the Line: How a Fire Alarm Monitoring Service Might Just Save Your Life

Every minute, on average, one American home suffers from a serious fire. Even more worryingly, over 15,000 people are injured or killed in house fires every year in the US. Fires are especially dangerous for elderly people and children, who may have difficulty evacuating the home or getting away from the fire quickly. If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones, it might be a good idea to have your fire alarm connected to a quick-response service.

Keep Fire Damage Minimal

Fire response devices like sprinklers or extinguishers can help prevent much of the potential damage to your home. With a monitor service on the line after a fire is detected, these devices become even more effective. Sprinklers that may not yet be triggered by the heat of a small fire can be switched on manually by the monitor operator. If you have trouble using the fire extinguisher or need instructions, the operator can provide these too.

Probably the most helpful services provided by alarm monitors are the automatic phone calls. When a fire is detected, your emergency contact will get a phone call, allowing them to come right away and help you get to safety.

The monitor operator will also immediately call the local fire department for you, which means they can be on the way while you're still getting out of the house and looking for a phone. This reduces fire damage to your home and lowers the risk for being trapped in your home during the fire. If you have to wait too long for rescuers, you risk passing out from smoke inhalation and being injured.

Speed Up Recovery After a Fire

If you are hurt or breathe in any smoke from the fire, using a monitored system ensures that medical professionals will be one the scene quickly to help stabilize your health. If you become trapped or incapacitated, you're much more likely to get lifesaving aid faster if the emergency crew starts heading your way as soon as the fire is detected, instead of waiting for a local to report it. This reduces your risk of serious injury and helps to shrink your recovery time.

Having a monitor service call you and the local emergency departments immediately after a fire starts can also help you deal with repairs after the fire is put out. Your homeowner's insurance adjuster can use call records and testimony from the fire alarm monitoring service to verify exactly what happened in the fire. This gives you credibility and reduces the risk of having to prove your claim in court. It also shows that you took steps to minimize potential fire damage to your home, which also looks good to insurance agencies.

Easily Handle False Alarms

Some automated systems may call the authorities on your behalf, but false alarms can result in some annoyed officers showing up at your doorstep. If the system is especially sensitive and makes false calls often, you could wind up with a fine from the local government.

In this situation, you'd have to disable the automated call altogether, putting yourself at risk during at actual emergency. Having a real person call to check up on you in the even of a false alarm can help to prevent this, since you can tell the operator not to bother calling the emergency line. 

Fire alarms and sprinklers are a good start when it comes to protecting your home, but the best way to keep members of your family safe is to invest in an alarm monitoring service. These services get help to your door more quickly than you might be able to while escaping the fire, and they also help avoid annoying false alarms. If you want your house to be as safe as possible in the event of a fire, it might be time to talk to your local fire alarm monitoring service.