Know Your Way Around Construction Equipment

Beware The Construction Zone! Safe Driving Tips And Advice

Road construction may not seem like the most threatening job in the world, but it can endanger the lives of both workers and drivers on the road. Although it may seem like common knowledge to follow the rules of the road while driving through a construction zone, in 2013, Pennsylvania work zones experienced 1,845 work zone crashes, which resulted in 16 deaths. Fortunately, there are ways you can practice safer driving while passing through a construction zone.

Pay Attention to the Signs

You may pass a number of different signs while you are on the road. Each sign typically has a different meaning. For example, an orange, diamond shaped sign that shows a black figure of a worker using a shovel indicates that there are workers up ahead. If that is the case, make sure you prepare yourself to lower your driving speed.

Even if there are no signs indicating a change in speed limit, it is still always best to make sure you lower your speed in a work zone to avoid the threat of injury to you and the workers. Road construction signs are almost always orange in color. A sign showing a figure holding one hand raised and the other holding a flag indicates that there is a flagger ahead of you.

A flagger is a trained individual who is capable of directing traffic in the smoothest way possible. The flagger is perhaps the most important individual, or sign, that you will need to pay attention to while driving in a construction zone. The flagger can make all the difference in the world between a safe driver and a wrecked driver.

Be on Alert for the Unexpected

Even if you are paying attention to all of the signs and obeying the speed limit through the construction zone, you should still be on the lookout for the unexpected. Make sure that there is nothing distracting you and do not avert your eyes from the road. A worker could suddenly step out from behind a piece of equipment and into your path. A worker could also suddenly trip and fall in front of you.

If you are paying attention to your surroundings, you will be better equipped to handle unexpected and emergency situations to help you avoid any accidents. Taking your eyes off the road, if even for a moment, can pose significant risks to your life and the lives of others. You run the risk of hitting another vehicle, a road construction worker, or a piece of construction equipment.

Keep Your Head on Straight

Construction zones can slow traffic and make for a frustrating scenario, particularly if you are on your way to work. Rather than losing your temper, it is better to stay calm. Losing your cool while driving increases your risk of experiencing an accident. Furthermore, if you are upset and not thinking clearly, you might not be as focused on the road.

A lack of focus can cause you to accidentally speed through a construction zone area or perhaps miss a lane change. Anything can happen while you are upset and in an unfocused state-of-mind. Therefore, make sure you breathe deeply, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Chew on a piece of gum if you must to help you calm yourself back down.

If you are aware that there is roadwork taking place near you, make plans to leave your house early so you can arrive at your destination on time. If it is possible, you should take a different route so that you are not held up and getting upset with construction work.

If you have questions or concerns regarding roadwork taking place near you, contact a professional worker for help. A professional can answer your questions and perhaps even give you an idea of how long roadwork will go on in your area.

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