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How To Determine What Type Of Finish Is On Your Marble Floors

If you have just purchased a home with existing marble floors, you likely already know that your marble needs special care to keep it looking great. Professional cleaning and sealing, through a place like All American Stone & Tile Care Inc., is recommended to keep it stain-free. However, when you make an appointment, one of the first questions you will be asked is what type of finish your marble floor is. Many people don't realize there are different finishes to marble floors or how to tell the difference between them. Informing the company of what type of finish you have ensures they bring the right products to clean and seal your floors. Here are the three different types of marble floor finishes and how to differentiate between them.

Polished Finish

Polished finish marble is generally not seen on marble floors. It is much more common on marble furniture and counters. Polished marble is very shiny and has a very smooth finish to it. If you were to run your hands along a polished finish, it would feel extremely smooth and your hand would glide across the surface. However, a polished finish is generally not used as a flooring choice because it can easily scratch, is very slippery and the finish wears quickly in high traffic areas. If your marble floor does have a polished finish, you will need your floors professionally shined and sealed often to keep the floor looking pristine.

Honed Finish

Many marble floors have a honed finish to them. Just like with a polished finish, a honed finish will feel smooth as you run your hand over the marble. However, the key difference between a honed and polished finish is the amount of light it reflects. A honed finish has more of a matte appearance, rather than a reflective one. Whereas a polished finish has a very reflective finish that may appear as if the floor were sparkling clean or even slick, a honed finish will have a more subdued or dull look to it. The benefits to this finish are that it doesn't scratch as easily as a polished finish and the sealer doesn't wear as quickly making it perfect for high traffic areas. However, keep in mind, that because the sealer isn't applied as frequently with this type of finish, it may soak up spills and stain faster. As such, always clean up stains and spills as quickly as possible.

Flamed Finish

The last type of finish that may be used on your marble floors is a flamed finish. Flame-finished marble gets its name because a flame is used against the marble to give it the finish it has. When marble is finished with fire or heat, it will have a rough texture to it. If you run your hand over your marble flooring and it feels rough or textured, you have a flame finish to your flooring. This type of finish is used for flooring in high traffic areas. The grittiness of the marble helps disguise scratches and wear marks on the stone. It also helps prevent people from slipping and falling, making it a great choice for households with kids or the elderly. However, the rough texture can also make cleaning this type of stone challenging. Call in a professional cleaner should any spots develop that you are unable to remove yourself. This prevents stains from setting in.

Knowing what type of finish you have on your marble floors is important. It helps ensure a professional marble cleaner arrives to your job with the correct products for your floor. It also helps ensure you are using the correct products to maintain the finish on your floor. Using products designed for a flamed finish on a polished finish can damage the shine. Likewise, using products designed for a polished finish on a flamed finish may not effectively clean the texture of this floor. Take the time to learn what type of finish you have on your marble floors.