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Keeping Hoarding Tendencies In Check: 3 Ways To Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

If you are one of the 2% to 5% of Americans with a hoarding problem, taking small steps to organize different aspects of your life can help you get the hoarding under control. In particular, organizing your medicine cabinet can help ensure that you start off the day right. Here are 3 ways you can organize your medicine cabinet.  

Prioritize Where Items Should Go

Organize your medicine cabinet based on the products and items that you use the most. Items that you use most frequently should be placed at eye level, whereas items that you use only occasionally should be moved to the top cabinets. For example, keep your makeup, toothbrush, toothpaste, contact lens solution and other items that are deemed to be essentials right where you can see them. You can keep the first-aid kit on the top shelf.

This is also a good time to consider whether you have used any of the products in the past couple of years. Anything that has not been used for long periods of time can be tossed out. For example, if you have a bottle of lotion that has been sitting around for some time unused, consider getting rid of it entirely. If you're having a hard time getting rid of expired medication, keep in mind that expired medication will lose its efficacy and may not be safe to consume.

Make Use of Jars and Containers

One of the easiest ways to organize your medicine cabinet and free up some space is to keep similar things in jar or a container. These items and products will create a mess if they are scattered everywhere. There are plenty of plastic and glass containers that will do the trick. Although glass containers tend to look more elegant, you should go for plastic alternatives if you also tend to be a bit clumsy.

Keep items like bobby pins, cotton swabs and cotton pads in these containers and jars. You can even use these containers to make use of vertical space. For example, storing a toothbrush upright rather than on its side will help free up some space. It is also a lot more hygienic to store your toothbrush upright, as the bristles will not be in direct contact with the shelves where germs can easily accumulate.

It's actually quite common for hoarders to keep excessive quantities of boxes and containers. With that in mind, if a container or a box is not being used to store something, toss it out. You might think that you never know when you'll need another box or container, but the truth is that boxes and containers are easy to come by. If you don't need it now, you'll be better off throwing it out.

Add Plastic Risers for More Space

Hoarders tend to have great difficulty organizing their items. If you need more space or if you're looking to better organize medicine cabinet, you should add plastic risers to separate items and products within the medicine cabinet based on similarity. These risers do not affect the overall structure or integrity of the medicine cabinet and will allow you to customize the type of space you need. You should also make use of these plastic risers to prevent items from moving around in your medicine cabinet. For example, if you have any items that are prone to rolling or falling over, use these plastic risers like bookends.

Since you can categorize your space using these plastic risers, you should also consider storing similar items together. For example, keep all of the products that you need for your morning routine within the same area. This will help you better organize your mornings, as you won't be scrambling around to look for products in your medicine cabinet. Keeping similar items together will also keep your medicine cabinets organized for longer periods of time, so you won't have to reorganize and clean the cabinets as often.


Take control of your hoarding problem by making sure that you start off the day just right. There are plenty of different organizers available that can help you better section off your medicine cabinets. Try to store most of the things you need in your medicine cabinet to free up space by the sink. This will help make your bathroom look more organized and clean.