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5 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Walk-In Closets

Organizing clothes, dressing up, and trying on shoes is made a lot easier with a walk-in closet. If you seek the luxury walk-in closet experience, then there are numerous upgrades that you can have installed to ensure the best use of the closet experience. Aside from drawers, cabinets, and hanging areas, an electrician can install a variety of upgrades to optimize the closet space as best as possible. The following five electrical upgrades can transform the closet from a simple storage solution into an ideal place for dressing and wearing your clothes.

Radiant Floor Heating Systems

One of the biggest hassles when changing clothes is dealing with cold air as it hits your body. Instead of shivering until you are all layered up, you can make the walk-in closet area more comfortable with the installation of a radiant floor heating system. An electrician can place small heating panels underneath a carpet or rug inside of your walk-in closet. When you head into the change, the heating system can be turned on to provide warmth to your feet and through your whole body. This system is ideal for the cold winter months and after you've just gotten out of the shower and are naturally colder from the water.

Automatic Lighting Sensors

A walk-in closet is likely used almost every single day. Instead of struggling to find a light switch or navigating through the dark, an electrician can install automatic light sensors for the closet. Each time the closet door is opened, the lights will turn on and give you full visuals of the closet. This can help save time and also increase the safety of navigating through the small quarters. The lighting sensors can also be set on a timer so that they shut off automatically. This can help conserve energy and ensure that you do not forget to turn off the closet lights.

Built-In Wall Speakers

Numerous movies and television shows often feature fun dress up montages where characters try on a variety of clothes to a hit pop song. You can create the same experience by having an electrician install built-in wall speakers to your walk-in closet. The wiring for these speakers can be fed to an entertainment system or another gadget like an MP3 player dock. This is especially fun when trying on new clothes or other items with friends. The music can really change the atmosphere and eliminate some of the eerie silence that comes with a closed off closet.

Cabinet LED Lighting Strips

Easily see clothing options and accessories by having cabinets and drawers lined with LED lighting strips. These strips provide nice visuals in dark areas and can really enhance the way the closet looks. When lined up on the sides of shelves, you can see deep inside to find specific articles of clothing. Instead of digging through all of the clothes, the lights make it easy to see and can save a lot of time while browsing through the closet.

Closet Outlets

A number of outlet installations can help you with the everyday use of your walk-in closet. For example, outlet installations in the back of the closet will make it a lot easier to store modern storage features like a power-operated clothing rack. When this type of rack is plugged in, it can spin around and give you access to all of your clothes on a power-operated track. Additional outlets may be used for lighted mirrors, blow dryers, and other items you use to get dressed and ready. By having the extra options in the closet, you can get everything done in the single room instead of having to back and forth from room to room.

By drawing out a blueprint and vision of your closet design, an electrician, such as CEI Electrical & Mechanical, can help create an ideal closet that fits your needs and has modern features.