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3 Reasons To Consider Central Air Over Window-Mounted Units

Picking out a new air conditioning system for your home can be a bit complicated and confusing, usually because there is a wide range of air conditioners on the market that all seem to offer their own set of benefits. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider a traditional central air system over the available window-mounted units.


A major problem with any window-mounted unit is that it can be quite noisy when it is operating. The high level of noise is a result of the air conditioner being located just a few feet away from you, which can make being in the room with it very unpleasant because it can often make it hard to listen to your television, stereo, or make a phone call. However, central air systems do not create a lot of noise within your house because the bulk of the system will be located outside, meaning that the only sound that you should hear within the home is the sound of air flowing out of your vents. 

Out Of The Way

Another major reason to consider central air over window-mounted units is that a central air system will often be hidden from view. In many cases, when a contractor installs your central air unit he or she will be looking for the most out of the way place to put it so that it does not affect the aesthetic appeal of your home.

The most common spots for central air units are in the back or side yard, and often behind bushes or hedges if possible. However, when you install a window-mounted unit, you cannot really hide it from view as it has to be taking up space within your windows, which makes it highly visible.

Makes The Home Easier To Sell

Finally, central air is a great choice if you think that you may want to sell your home at some point. While central air may not always increase your home's value, it can make your home a bit more attractive to prospective homebuyers, which can improve your chances of selling the home quickly and getting your asking price for the house. A major reason for this is that homebuyers typically do not want to have to spend money on an air conditioner after already spending a lot to buy the home, so having central air already in place is quite appealing to the average homebuyer.

Contact an HVAC contractor, like Nathan's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., today in order to discuss how central air can benefit you and your family. Central air is quiet and unobtrusive while also being able to make your home a bit easier to sell in the future.