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When Professional Drain Cleaning Or A Plumber Is Necessary

If you have a slow drain in your home, you may try some amateur remedies first. When one drain isn't working correctly, this can mean there is some simple buildup in your drain. You can try to remove the clog using a drain snake, or a liquid chemical mixture designed to break up tough clogs. Some people use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar on slow drains, and this can be effective at breaking up clogs that are close to the opening of the drain.

When More Than One Drain Is Slow

Professional drain cleaning is necessary if you notice that more than one drain is slow in your home. When this occurs, this means that there is a more significant drain block in your drainage system. Whether the blockage is from buildup that has gone down your drains, or tree roots have entered your pipe system, these are difficult blocks to remove on your own. While your drains may work for a little while longer, eventually the partial blockages will become complete and wreak havoc within your home.

When Water Is Coming Back Up Through Your Drains

If water is coming back up through your drains, this requires immediate professional drain cleaning. If you try to fix the problem on your own, you may be able to temporarily unblock the drain a bit, but it won't work in the long term. If water is coming up, this means that the blockage is almost complete. If you ignore this problem, you can end up having wastewater from your toilet come up through drains in other areas of your house. To avoid this mess, call a plumber immediately if water is coming up through your drains.

If Your Basement Becomes Flooded

If there hasn't been a recent storm to cause your basement to flood, this can indicate that you have a clog in your main sewer line caused by tree roots which have compromised the integrity of the pipe itself. While a clog can happen anywhere in your home, one that is in the main sewer line close to your shutoff valve can cause flooding in the basement, as the water escapes through the holes created from the tree roots. This is a plumbing emergency, and you will need to call immediately for help to avoid further damage to your home. While you may be able to clean up the water on your own, stopping the flood requires professional help.