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Protecting Your Air Conditioner From Lightning Damage

Lightning storms are a scary proposition due to the damage they can cause your home. However, they can also cause serious problems with your air conditioning units. Understanding these problems and how to avoid them is a major step in protecting your HVAC unit.

Air Conditioners Can Be Heavily Affected By Lightning

Even if your home or your air conditioner is not hit by lightning, a strike in the power system could cause a surge that can damage your air conditioner's circuits and either make it run poorly or fail to run entirely. Thankfully, there's also the chance that your air conditioner's circuit breaker may simply have flipped and that you can remove its breaker box and fix the problem yourself.

That said, your controls may also get fried by such a surge, making your air conditioner run too fast or run too slow. It might make it impossible to turn on or even turn off the unit. Thankfully, it is possible to avoid this type of damage by following a few simple steps.

Avoiding This Problem

To avoid frying your air conditioner or any other type of heating and cooling unit during a lightning storm, turn off and unplug each unit. This will protect it from the kind of power surges that will flood through your wires and cause your air conditioner severe damage. It can also help protect you from shock if the air conditioner itself is struck by lightning.

This simple step should help protect your air conditioner from lightning damage. However, if you do not perform this step and your air conditioner does suffer from lightning-based damage, repair is possible from a professional and skilled HVAC repair specialist.

Cost Of Repairing A Damaged Unit

Failure to turn off and unplug your air conditioner during a lightning storm shouldn't seriously damage your home, just your conditioner unit. However, it isn't going to be cheap to get it repaired. The average price of repairing an air conditioner sits at about $326, though that cost varies from as low as $165 all the way up to $1,000.

A lot of this cost will vary depending on the severity of the damage to your air conditioner. One that has simply suffered from a burnt circuit will be easier to repair than one that has been completely fried. 

So if your air conditioner has suffered from this type of damage and you need help assessing or repairing it, please contact an HVAC specialist at a company like Metro Air right away. They can inspect your air conditioner and decide if repair is the best option or if you should just get a new one.