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Securing Well Pumps And Sealing Off Well Shafts: How It's Done

If you are looking for well pumps service that secures the pump at the bottom of your well and secures the shaft to prevent injury, you will need a well contractor. These services are less common but are often necessary if you have small children and pets running around your property and/or you have problems with well pumps remaining vertical in the well. Here is how those services are done.

Installing an Underwater Platform

A diver typically goes down into your well. He or she has tools and supplies sent down before he/she descends, or has a partner send them down afterwards. Working with tools that can function underwater, he/she builds an area where he/she will install a platform for the well pump. This may include using preformed concrete slabs and/or a steel platform.

Whichever the diver and contractor chooses, the chosen item is pushed into the mud, earth, and rock at the bottom of the well. The diver makes sure it is quite level and then secures it by driving steel rods through the steel platform or installing a concrete platform that already has rods sticking out of the bottom of it. Now it is ready for your pump, which is secured to this platform to keep the pump vertical.

Securing the Top of the Well

Far too many accidents have occurred with regards to children, pets, and the open tops of wells. To secure the top opening of your well, avoid using wood. Instead, use a very heavy material that will resist the weight of anyone walking over the top of the well and is far too heavy and difficult to remove without help. This could be a metal door with a frame set into the ground around the well's opening, or it could be a concrete slab with handles. Whichever you choose, make sure it is particularly difficult to move and that it definitely can be locked in a closed position.

The contractor will help you choose the best lid for your well and then install it for you. You will have ownership of the lock and keys to the well so that you can open it for testing and regularly scheduled maintenance of the pump and the well itself. As an additional safety measure, consider constructing a fence around the well and its locked lid. The fence will warn others to steer clear of this space and reinforce what you are trying to teach your kids about safety around wells. Try clicking here to contact a well pumps service.