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How To Prevent Waterspots And Dirt On Glass Railings

Beautiful glass railings are the perfect addition for your deck or patio, since they provide you with a safety rail without impeding the view. The main concern for many homeowners considering glass is upkeep. Fortunately, water spots and other dirt doesn't have to mean a lot of extra work. The following guide can help you better understand the cleaning needs of these railings.

Keep a squeegee on hand

Water spots occur most often after rainfall or heavy dew. You can help prevent this by using a squeegee. Choose a model with a handle so you can reach the outside of the railing more easily. After rain or before the morning dew dries, spend a couple of minutes with the squeegee removing the water before spots can form.

Adjust your sprinklers

Other than rain, your sprinklers will be a major culprit when it comes to water spots on your glass rails. Run the sprinklers near you deck or balcony and check to see which ones are hitting the rail. Most sprinklers can be adjusted by turning the screw in the top of the sprinkler head, so you can set them so they no longer spray on your railing. If your heads can't be adjusted, purchase a replacement head with a different spray pattern.

Combat major grime

Occasionally you will need to provide more cleaning than a simple swipe with a squeegee. This is especially necessary after a storm coats the glass with dirt spots or if a bird leaves behind droppings. Any glass cleaner will generally work well, or you can use a mild detergent diluted in warm water. Use a soft cotton cloth to clean the glass. Also, wet the glass down with a hose first, since you don't want to rub dry glass with a cleaning cloth – this can lead to scratches.

Try lemon oil

Lemon oil, available where cleaning supplies are sold, can help prevent water spots. After deep cleaning the railing, coat both sides of the glass with lemon oil. This helps water slide off so water spots can't form. It doesn't affect the clarity of the glass either, and it is nontoxic, so runoff into the surrounding lawn won't be a problem. You can also coat the metal brackets that hold the glass in place with the oil. This will keep them shiny and help prevent rust or corrosion.

For more help in maintaining your railings, contact a glass railing dealer or installer in your area.