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Three Exterior Ways To Clean Your Home Before The Storm Season

If the storm season is coming in your city, you know that it is important to get prepared. If storms tend to come and knock out your electricity plus shut down the city for a day each time, it is important to get your house ready. In the case of storms, you should have a generator, a good stock of canned goods, matches and candles, and a first aid kit. As a family, you should also have a safety plan on where to hide in the event that a hurricane or tornado begins to hit the house. Here are three things that you will need to do to the exterior of your home to prepare for the storm season. 

Get the gutters cleaned

It is really important to get the gutters in your home cleaned, especially before the heavy rains come around. If your gutters are obstructed with debris, you may find that water sits in your gutters and on your roof, which can cause big problems, such as leaks. Have a contractor come and clean out your gutters. Be sure that the gutters are completely cleaned before the rain then cleaned after any storm has passed so that major debris is no longer left. 

Get your storm shutters reinforced

If you have not had your storm shutters checked in some time, right before the rainy season is the best time. You want to make sure that your shutters can be properly secured and will remained closed during the rain. If the shutters are not able to be secured or they have come loose, you should have them reinforced. Be sure to try out the shutters in advance of hurricane or tornado season, so that you don't find your windows without protection at the time. 

Properly cover all light fixtures

Once the electricity comes back up after a storm, you want to still be able to use your lights. For this reason, you should make sure that your light fixtures have the light bulbs covered properly. The covers should keep the bulbs safe from cracking or shattering during a storm. When a storm comes around and if bulbs are exposed, the glass could be set flying, which could become a safety issue and a liability issue for you and your family. It is best to find stable fixture covers to ensure that nothing happens to the bulbs or your family, neighbors, and pets. 

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