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Gateways To Personality: What Your Custom Gates Say About You

Just as your home is your castle and your personal abode of expression, the doorways and gates to your home can say something about you too. In fact, custom gates at the end of your driveway can introduce visitors to your personality and even give visitors a taste of what to expect when they roll up the drive to your house. Here are a few other things custom gates can say about you.

You Are VERY Private

Custom gates and walls that block everyone's view and/or gates that are controlled and monitored via security systems tell visitors that you are a very private person. If your gates are also electrically charged to keep people out, it may also say that you are a very fearful and/or paranoid person too. It is all in how you set things up and how much people can see through the gates before you allow them to enter (and IF you allow them to enter!).

You Like a Particular Design Style

Custom gates often incorporate different design styles. If you love Rococo, Baroque or romanticism in architecture, these design styles and their elements can be incorporated into custom gates. If these design styles are also present in your home's architecture, then people at your gate already know that something similar will be present in your home's features.

You Have a Big Ego and/or You Like to Personalize Everything

Another common practice with custom gates is to personalize them with giant, wrought iron metal initials. People who do this with their gates are saying that they either love personalizing everything because they are proud of what they have achieved, or they have very big egos and like to flaunt what they have. It all depends on the extravagance of the custom gates with initials too, since gold-gilded gates say the latter while a single wrought-iron initial in black says the former.

You Use Your Gates as Part of the Landscape

If your gates double as trellises for climbing flowers like purple clematis or red roses, you are telling visitors that you love gardens, flowers and that you want your gates to be part of the natural landscape. Gates like these have lots of lattice and areas where climbing flowers can attach a tendril and thread their way through. When the flowers themselves grow down from pots on the posts of your gate, you also never have to worry about hurting the flowers every time you open your gates.