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8 Tips To Avoiding Plumbing Repairs

There will always be those things that can just happen to your home's plumbing for one reason or another. However, there are also a lot of plumbing problems that are completely avoidable as long as you take steps to protect your plumbing and properly maintain it. The following 7 tips will help you to know just how you should be taking care of your plumbing:

1: Winterize your pipes. Get your pipes ready for freezing weather by putting insulation tape on the pipes that are outside and exposed to the elements. Also, leave water dripping out taps with pipes exposed to the outside weather when the temperature dips below freezing so they don't freeze up on you.

2: Don't turn the faucets hard: When you turn the water off make sure you are gentle with the faucet handles or you can end up causing a leaky faucet.

3: Don't put oil or grease down the drain. Grease and oil will harden on its way down and can cling to the sides of your pipes causing a narrowing that can lead to some serious clogs. It's important to know even a garbage disposal should never have these things put down it.

4: Don't clean your sinks, tubs and toilets with harsh cleaning liquids. Those harsh chemicals aren't only bad for your septic tank if you have one, but they are also very bad for PVC pipes. They can cause them to become weak and brittle over time, causing them to be at risk of breaking.

5: Don't flush anything other than toilet paper. Things like paper towels, baby wipes, cotton, make up cleaning pads, condoms, feminine products or anything else that's not strictly toilet paper should be thrown away in the waste basket and never be flushed. Doing so can cause clogs and other issues with your pipes.

6: Don't pour boiling water down the sink. While pouring very hot water down the sink is okay, boiling water can be extremely bad for the pipes if they are PVC pipes. Boiling water is too hot and can cause brittleness, warping and even breaking of the pipes.

7: Don't allow hair or fur to go down the drains. Whether it's your bathroom sink or your bathtub, it's important to put screens in the drains to capture hair or fur from washing your pets before it goes down into the pipes and leads to some horrible clogs.

8: Don't ignore a leaky faucet: If you notice a leaky faucet, it's important for you to take care of it right away before the problem causes worse damage.

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