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Fire Protection Mistakes You Could Be Making In Your Office

When it comes to fire safety and protection, it doesn't matter what type of environment you are in – it should be a top priority. Your office building is no exception. Are you doing everything you can to promote fire safety in your space? While you might think so on the surface, with careful review, you might learn that you're making several mistakes.


If your office space is cluttered, you are on the wrong side of the fire protection battle. Clutter is a problem for multiple reasons. First, it can serve as fuel to a fire. This is especially the case if there is a lot of paper that makes up the clutter.

In the event a fire does breakout, those piles of paper will only make the fire gain more strength. Second, clutter can serve as a hazard in the event of a fire because it may not allow your team to quickly escape, which is critical to their safety. Make it a point to remove all clutter.

Damaged Power Cords

If you have damaged power cords in your office, you are significantly elevating the potential for an electrical fire. When a wire is damaged, the inner wiring is exposed to the outside, which can cause the wiring or the device to overheat faster. Understand that any electrical device that is overheating is at an elevated risk for catching on fire.

Damaged power cords can also be an indication of a wiring issue within the outlet, especially if the wiring is discolored, brown or burnt. Always investigate any power cords that are damaged. If it's only the card, you may be able to have it replaced. However, if you suspect it's an issue with the outlet, have it inspected to stay safe.

Poor Layout

Another fire hazard that you could be overlooking is a poor layout in your office space. As mentioned when discussing clutter, a poor layout can create an issue in the event of a fire because there may be obstructions that prevent employees from escaping or significantly increase the amount of time it takes for them to do so.

If you have cubicles in your office, make sure they are spaced in a manner in which people can move freely between them. Additionally, you want to ensure that any exit signs are hung high enough that people will be able to see easily over the top of the cubicles to know which way to go.

In addition to these tips, it's also a good idea to partner with a fire protection firm. These firms can inspect your building to highlight any areas of risk and help you create a solid fire protection plan. For more information or assistance, visit websites like