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How To Avoid Problems With Your Revolving Door

A revolving door is a great addition to a business if you would like to increase the professionalism of your establishment and manage the flow of people into and out of your building. However, a revolving door needs to be properly installed and maintained in order to avoid any problems. The great thing is that many revolving doors do not require extensive maintenance. 

Perform Basic Door Maintenance

It is essential to perform a daily safety check to make sure that the revolving door is in good condition. The weatherstripping needs to be checked for repairs and replacements. The weatherstripping should not hang off because this can increase the risk of tripping. The general cleanliness around the door needs to be maintained. Remove any debris that has accumulated. Remove any broken or cracked panels. When using floor mats, make sure to inspect the condition of the mat on both sides. Make sure that the area underneath the mat is clean and has no debris. 

Install The Door On A Level Surface

Before a revolving door is installed, it is important to make sure that the floor is level. This is necessary to make sure that the door operates correctly and that the door maintains structural integrity. If the floor is not level or has inconsistencies, the floor should be fixed before the revolving door is installed. Also, warranties are void if the proper clearances are not maintained. 

Use Tools Created Specifically For The Door

There are specific tools that are designed for the installation and repair of revolving doors. Make sure to use these tools. Using the incorrect tools will increase the risk that you will cause damage to the door or void your warranty. The parts that come with the revolving door are designed specifically for the door and other parts will not usually work properly with the door. Using aftermarket parts may void your revolving door's warranty. The manufacturer will not be responsible for any injuries that result from not using the proper parts.

If you have a revolving door that is not functioning properly, make sure to contact a revolving door repair technician, likeDynamic Door Service, Inc. When there are any warning signs of defects, if the problem is not solved early on, the it will likely become worse. The revolving door should never be used in anything other than the technically perfect condition because you will be likely to cause injuries to others and further damage to the door.