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3 Reasons Why Frameless Shower Doors Are An Excellent Option

One room in your home that is a lot of fun to design is your bathroom. This is a room where functionality and aesthetic appeal are going to be equally as important. One aspect of your bathroom in particular that you can design is your shower. While there are several great shower options, one excellent option in particular is a frameless shower door enclosure. This type of shower is made entirely out of different pieces of glass that come together to create a perfect frame that is held together via metal hinges on the top and bottom of the door. This article will discuss 3 reasons why frameless shower doors are an excellent option.

Minimize Mold Risks 

When you install a frameless shower door, you are going to have a clean piece of glass with very few nooks and crevices for water to build up. Because of this, you aren't going to have to worry about mold building up around the frame of the door. When left untreated, mold can cause a great deal of damage and certain kinds of mold can also be very dangerous to inhale. Treating mold can be expensive because you will likely have to replace the areas where the mold has infested and will have to pay a professional to have your air tested and treated for mold.

It Helps Your Bathroom To Appear Larger 

Another awesome reason to install a frameless shower door is to create the appearance of a larger bathroom. Because there is no frame around the glass, it appears as if the shower blends in with the rest of the bathroom. This is exceptionally important if you have a small bathroom, and you are trying to make it appear larger than it actually is. 

You Can Customize Your Shower Enclosure 

When you choose to go with a frameless shower door, your customization options are almost endless. This is because each piece of glass that is created for your frameless shower is made when you order it. You can choose to go with any size or shape of door or enclosure that you would like, thus allowing you to fit any shower type or size. You can also customize the enclosure even further by adding different edging to the glass, such as round or square corners. You can also have designs carved, painted, or even blown onto the glass, if you would like to customize it even further.

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