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Will Your Septic Tank Be Affected By Flooding?

If you live in an area that is affected by high water levels, you might wonder what the effect will be on your septic tank. Thankfully, in most cases, a flood should not harm your septic tank. However, this is only true when a few factors are taken care of. 

Your Septic Tank Is Sealed and Underground

Your septic tank may be above ground, and if so, that is a safeguard against floodwater pouring into the tank. If your tank is below ground, you will need to do a little more with your septic tank repair to ensure that there are no cracks in the tank where water can seep in. If you're already doing regular septic tank repairs and cleanings, you probably would have noticed by now if a leak in the tank was letting a lot of water flow in or out. 

Regular Cleanings

If some flood water does get into your septic tank, you want to make sure the tank is not already about to overflow; in that case, a small amount of water could make a big difference. Keep the service schedules for your septic tank in mind and call in a septic tank repair professional as needed. 

Keep Your Drain Field Healthy

The drain field is one area where flood water could make a difference. If your tank is not moving water along quickly anyway, the added flood water in your yard could become a problem. For this, you will want to ensure that your drain field is healthy and free of clogs, One way to do this is to ensure that you don't have anything going through the system that could clog a drain field, such as sanitary pads or other inorganic solids. The other thing would be to avoid drain cleaning solutions that could kill off healthy bacteria that helps dissolve organic solids. The third thing that helps is (you guessed it) seeking out help from a septic tank repair team on a regular basis to inspect the tank, drain field, and sludge levels to make sure everything is working together properly. 

You certainly don't want to have trouble with your septic tank on top of a flood. In this case, a little prevention will help you out a lot in an unfortunate natural disaster. Especially if you are lying on a flood plain, develop a strong relationship with your septic tank repair team.