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Special Conditions For Homes Near Undeveloped Areas

For the most part, new homes in new developments are going to have the same benefits and issues as houses in older areas of town. But for those developments that are going up next to undeveloped land or open spaces, such as for agriculture, the questions you need to address can be a bit different.

Defensible Space

Being in an open area means that your home may be closer to brushfire zones than you realize. You'll need to create what's called defensible space. If you're not familiar with that, it's a two-zone system in which you prune trees and plants to certain standards — these vary by city, county, and state — so that you reduce the risk of them spreading flames to your house should they catch fire.

Wildlife Sightings

Open land brings with it its own inhabitants, usually furry, scaly, or winged. You're likely to see more wildlife near your house if you live close to open and undeveloped land. That means that if you buy a house there, you'll need to ensure the screens are always in good shape and that no doors are left open. You should also install door sweeps along the bottom of each door that leads outside to help stop bugs from crawling in under the door.

Agricultural Issues

It's common now to see old farmland bought out by developers and turned into parcels with houses. But that means those houses are likely to be near other farmland, some of which could still hold active farms. If you are looking at one of these developments, find out about which agricultural smells and pesticide spraying issues you might face. While no one should actually be spraying the development, of course, drift on the wind can bring pesticides into your yard. That's a consideration for people hoping to grow organic food in a small backyard garden.

Many people actually do very well in these developments; they're quiet areas with more space, and in many cases there are very few remnants of agricultural life that intrude into the development. But it is always best to investigate just what to expect in a particular development if it's near farms.

Remember that many people love living in areas like this, so don't let these questions alarm you. They're meant only as a guide to help you find the right house and development for you. Your real estate agent can help you narrow down your choices among the new homes for sale.