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Tips For Reducing The Cost Of Purchasing Steel For The Construction Of A Building

All building contractors know that when they are working on a project, it is very important to pay attention to the cost of materials if they want to come in under budget. Contractors who specialize in constructing steel buildings have to work carefully with a reputable steel fabricator to ensure that they can purchase quality steel at an affordable price. Many contractors make mistakes when purchasing steel for a building project that increase the cost of materials. There are a number of things that a contractor can do to cut expenses when it comes to obtaining steel. If you own a construction company that constructs steel buildings, use the following tips to trim down the expenses associated with buying steel:

Order Standard Sizes

When it comes to ordering steel beams, it is always in your interest to opt for standard sizes. Many contractors make the mistake of purchasing specialty sections of steel, but doing so can drastically increase the cost since fabricating specialty sections requires extra cuts, more labor, and excess steel that needs to be scrapped or sold as a remnant. Steel fabricators can provide standard sizes readily and at a much lower cost than specialty sizes.

Use a Design that Repeats Sizes

A simple way to reduce the expenses associated with purchasing steel for the construction of a steel building is by using a design that repeats using pieces of steel that are the same length. When your steel building design focuses on using just a few different sizes of steel, you will be able to place bulk orders with your steel fabricator, which will qualify you for a lower price on the order. 

Avoid Painted or Primed Steel

If steel is solely going to be used for the shell of the building, there is no reason to pay extra for steel that is primed or painted by the steel fabricator. Opting for painted or primed steel is a waste of money that does not add any value to a project. The only time it is necessary to buy painted or primed steel when building a steel building is if the steel will be exposed or used as an architectural accent. 

Work with a Certified Steel Fabricator

When it comes to purchasing steel for a building project, always work with a steel fabricator that is certified. Certified steel fabricators must strictly adhere to a long list of rules and regulations in regards to fabrication. When you work with a certified steel fabricator, you are less likely to receive any sections of steel that have issues and you won't have to worry about replacing bad sections of steel or delaying the project. 

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