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Things You Need To Think About Before Calling The Dock Construction Company

If you have waterfront property or a large pond and have decided to it is time to have a dock built, you should look around for a dock construction company to do the project. However, before you meet with them and start making the blueprints for your dock, there are a few things you need to think and talk about as a family. 


One of the important things you need to know to ensure the dock you build will work the way you want it to is how you will use it. You may not have considered that a dock for boats should be built a bit differently, with different materials, and at a different height than one for swimmers.

If you will be mooring a boat and also using the dock for getting in and out of the water for swimming, you will want it to be built even differently. Be sure to explain this to the construction company when you meet so they can make the proper proposal.


You may have to be flexible on where you want the dock to be located. The construction company may want to take a sample of the soil where they will be placing the piles. You may need to have concrete tiles poured if the soil is not stable enough for your uses. It is possible that moving the dock a few yards will provide a more stable foundation and make the entire construction safer.

If possible, take the time to have the ground under the water checked and tested for stability. You may want to have an engineer come check things out.


Depending on the water, whether it is salt or fresh, how much the level changes with tides or seasons, and what weather changes can be expected throughout the year will have a direct impact on the materials used for your dock. While some of this the construction company already knows, you want to be sure that the information they use pertains to the area right in your backyard. Talk about the different material properties and then discuss everything with the pros.

It is going to be your dock, on your property. You are going to want to make sure it looks good and fits with the rest of the place. However, you also need to be sure the dock is going to provide what you need it to provide for many years. For more information, contact a dock construction company.