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Why Fireplace Installation Is Not A DIY Project

Fireplaces help to defray the cost of high heating bills while imparting a cozy ambiance to the home. Many people believe that if they follow the manufacturer's installation instructions, they don't need a professional installer. However, installing a fireplace should not be a DIY project. Here are some reasons why installing a fireplace may be dangerous to the inexperienced homeowner, and why you need to rely on a fireplace installation service.

Gas And Electrical Requirements

If your fireplace is a natural gas model, the gas line will need to located and hooked up to your fireplace. Hooking it up wrong or improperly accessing the gas line may cause an explosion or gas leak. If the fireplace is an electric model, you will need to have a bit of carpentry "know-how" and electrical experience, especially if you plan on installing an electrical insert into your existing fireplace, which is probably a masonry structure.

Many homeowners are not qualified to perform carpentry or electrical work, and because of this, they will need to hire a fireplace installation contractor who has extensive knowledge about electrical and fire safety codes. The fireplace contractor will also make sure that your damper is in the proper position so that dangerous fumes can vent out so that they do not infiltrate your home. 

Improper Use Of Materials

Many homeowners may be unaware of the importance of using only fireproof materials when installing a fireplace. Using combustible products or materials for your hearth, framework, or even your fireplace mantel may raise the risk for an explosion or fire.

A fireplace installation professional will use only safe and non-combustible materials when installing your fireplace. He or she will also recommend safe "fireplace-friendly" paints that can be used near your fireplace so that the painted areas do not pose a fire or fume risk. After the fireplace has been installed, the surrounding walls may need to prepped or painted so that the area looks finished, neat, and clean. 

A fireplace can add value to your home while keeping expensive utility costs down. It is also a great focal point where your family can gather for special occasions. In order for you and your family to enjoy the many benefits of a new fireplace, you should rely on an experienced contractor who will ensure that the fireplace is installed safely and according to code. 

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