Know Your Way Around Construction Equipment

How To Organize Your Contractor Tools

How many days have you had where you try to go on a job, but you just can't find your tools and equipment? Whether you're a general contractor or you're a specialty contractor, you probably have more equipment than can fit in your own garage. If you feel like your life is in constant disarray because nothing is organized, then there are a few things that you may want to do to make things better. 

Go to a Contractor Storage Yard

One of the best things that you can do is rent a unit at a contractor storage yard. These storage yards are ideal for contractors because they don't have the same restrictions that residential storage units have and they have a ton of space for all of your large equipment. For instance, if you not only have a ton of tools but you have large equipment like a skid steer or even a dump truck, then there's no way you can store those things at a regular storage yard. However, when you rent a place at a contractor storage yard, they will have all of the accommodations that you need so you won't have to worry about anything. 

Get Organized

Once you find the right size of storage unit at the contractor storage yard, it's time for you to get organized. Invest in large industrial grade cabinets and storage units that you can put every one of your tools in and all of your other gear. Then, try to organize everything by category. For instance, have all of your drills in one spot, all of your drill bits in one spot, and so on and so forth. If you have other people working for you that you plan on sending to your unit to grab stuff, this will really come in handy because everything will be super easy to find. 

If you were to calculate how much time you waste every week or even everyday trying to locate all of your stuff before you head out on a job, you would see just how much time you are wasting. To help get your life on track and stay organized, try practicing these tips. Having a contractor storage yard that's designated specifically for contractors like you will make your life a whole lot easier. To learn more about these storage facilities and storage containers to organize in, reach out to some companies near you.