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The Well Water System Maintenance Guide To Keep The Water Flowing And Prevent Problems During Dry Weather

If you rely on a water well, it is important that the water flows from the well even during droughts. This can be a problem if maintenance is neglected, which will why it is important to take care of the well and water system. The following well water system maintenance guide will help ensure water flows from your well throughout the dry season.

Routinely Flushing The Well Casing To Prevent Particles From Blocking Recharging

One of the problems that are frequent with wells during dry weather is the level getting low and natural mineral particles clogging the casing. This blocks water from getting into the casing to recharge your well as the water is used. To solve this problem, flush the well to remove the mineral particles. This can also help keep the water that comes from your well clean by removing any excess contamination that can get into the well casing.

Pump Maintenance To Prevent Problems With Waterflow From The Well Casing In Dry Weather

The pump is another area where you will need to do maintenance to ensure you do not have problems with your well during dry weather. Sometimes, it may be a good idea to pull submersible pumps from the casing to make sure the wiring is in good condition. If you have an above-ground jet-style pump, you will want to check to make sure everything is working properly.

Caring For Filtration And Purification Systems Before Warmer Weather To Ensure They Work Properly

The filtration or purification system is another area where you will want to do maintenance to ensure your water system is working correctly. Some types of filtration systems may require the filtration medium to be changed. Other water purification systems may require maintenance to ensure the system is working properly to provide clean water from the well to household plumbing or other water needs.

Checking Pressure Tank Valves And The Controller Switch To Ensure Pressure and Prevent Equipment Wear

Lastly, the pump is controlled by a pressure switch and tank. This is a tank that causes a valve to open when water is pulled from the well, which trips the pressure control switch and turns the pump on. It is important to check the pressure tank and control switch to ensure these systems are working properly.

These are some of the things that you will want to know about well water system maintenance. If you need help with maintenance to keep water flowing during the dry season, contact a water system maintenance service to make sure your system is ready.