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2 Signs Your Home's Standing Seam Metal Roof Needs Replacing

If your home has an older metal roof, you may be wondering whether or not you should have it replaced. When trying to determine if it is time to install a new one, the signs will depend on the type of metal roof you have. If you observe that the panels seem to lock together without any screws or nails, your house has a standing seam metal roof. In this case, there are a couple of signs for which you can look when trying to ascertain whether or not your home's old standing seam metal roof is in need of a replacement.

1.  Rust Is Present Along the Seams of the Interlocking Panels

One sign for which you can look can be found along the seams of the interlocking metal panels. Since the seams create junctions where the panels come together, they are often the most vulnerable to rain, snow, and ice. This makes them more likely to start rusting before the rest of the panels.

If you do find rust along the seams but it does not appear to be too bad, just remember that you may only be seeing the surface of the corrosion. It is possible that the rust has gone through the seams, making them holey and/or brittle, which makes it more likely for water to seep underneath. A professional can help you determine just how bad the rust has become as well as if the rust warrants a roof replacement.

2.  Metal's Paint Finish Has Worn Off in Multiple Areas

Another sign that your home's standing seam roof needs to be replaced is when the metal's paint finish has worn off in multiple areas. While the paint does help to coordinate the roof with the rest of your home's exterior, it also helps to protect the metal that lies beneath it.

If the paint starts to wear off, the metal will be exposed to excessive moisture. This will then speed up the corrosion process and lead to widespread rusting of the roof, which will, in turn, make it eventually start leaking.

If the paint on your metal roof is wearing off and there is rust present, especially along the seams, it may be time to have a new one installed. Contact a contractor who offers residential metal roof installation services to have them inspect the overall condition of the roof as well as discuss available options for having it replaced.