Four Elements You Can Have Built Into Your Custom Garage

If you want to add a garage to your home, you have a couple of different options. You can have a building company come install a pre-manufactured garage that just comes in a couple of preformed pieces, or you can have a garage custom-built from scratch. While the pre-fab option is often cheaper and a bit faster, there are some real advantages that come with opting for a custom build. For one, you can include some useful elements that will make your day-to-day life easier and your garage more functional. [Read More]

Wall Lamp Repair 101: Common Lamp-Owner Faqs

Charming and vintage, wall lamps are present in a lot of older homes. These lamps were often affixed in hallways or even on stairwells to illuminate specific areas in a decorative way without the need for a table lamp. These fixtures are wired into the breaker box just like other light fixtures, and they usually have a switch that operates them. If you have wall lamps in your home, you are bound to have a few questions from time to time, especially if you start having problems. [Read More]

How Custom Cabinets Can Improve Your Time In The Kitchen

The kitchen is one room in the house that usually gets lots of use. It's the focal point for meal preparation, fun family times before school, and the place you go to grab a quick snack when you're off to work. Making your kitchen as beautiful as possible can really brighten up the home and enhance your life in so many ways. If you're looking to renovate your kitchen so that it shines like never before, a great place to start is by installing custom cabinets. [Read More]

Why Fireplace Installation Is Not A DIY Project

Fireplaces help to defray the cost of high heating bills while imparting a cozy ambiance to the home. Many people believe that if they follow the manufacturer's installation instructions, they don't need a professional installer. However, installing a fireplace should not be a DIY project. Here are some reasons why installing a fireplace may be dangerous to the inexperienced homeowner, and why you need to rely on a fireplace installation service. [Read More]